SGCH Fox Trot KF Aurora
2-03 FS 90 EEEE
E shoulders, front legs, back, & rump
4-05  FS90 VEEE E head, back fore udder 43, rear udder 45, arch 45
5-05 FS91 VEEE
7-02  FS92 VEEE
                       ++*B Hoaches California Gold - several GCH Daughters
         Kickapoo Valley Chime Foxfire
                      CH Kickapoo Valley Gambit Chime-FS90, Several Daus. 1st  at Nat'ls

              GCH Fox Trot TKA Anacin - 91 EEEE "click"  for pedigree
Aurora is a strong doe that show the promise to be as influential as her impressive mother "GCH Anacin" she is very correct with good bone and lovely dairy character.  Aurora has a high and wide globular udder with loads of attachment and "perfect" teat placement.    I would like to see her taller to balance out her depth and powerful frame, she could also be wider at the thurl to accomadate her extremly high wide rear udder.

Aurora  4 yrs.

Aurora  2yrs.

5 years
5 years
Fox Trot KF Adair

Aurora's litter sister
LA 2yrs 90 VEEE

Sold due to breeding problems after a difficult kidding.
1 dry leg