GCH  Fox Trot PC Adell 2*M
Purebred French Alpine

Born   4 / 14 / 1996

Linear Appraisal:
5-02 FS90 VEEE
4-06 FS88 V+EE
2-01 FS87 VEEV

4-09 277 2482 3.5%BF                           
                       +B Nodaway CM Katreyu- 2 GCH Daughters
    *B  Fox Trot NK Pacheco
                       GCH Milk N Honey Ichiban Yagi*M - FS91 EEVE
                       *B Milk N Honey MAV Timothy - 2 GCH Daus.
    GCH Fox Trot TM Adare2*M - FS89 VEEE,4-10 304 276 3.8%BF
                       Glory Lane Adoration *M - 2 GCH Legs

ADELL is a doe with an absolutely  plastered on udder, but as a first freshening 2 year old she didn't have enough milk to stand out, then as a 3 year old she freshened in January with a single buck.  Once again she did not have enough milk to match her body size come show season several months later.  As a 4 year old she finally was milking well, but got a slight infection in half her udder in May.  When I treated it with an antibiotic it dried that side up.  Adell freshened as a 5 year old and looked stunning easily finishing her championship. 

2001 Show News: 3-GCH, 2-BOB, 1-RGCH as well as going "Best Udder In Show" one time!!!
2002 ADELL freshened with triplets 2 does and 1 buck, she looks marvelous!!!!
ADELL has been sold to Ray Graves of Kentucky
GCH Adare
GCH  Adare
Adell's Dam: GCH Fox Trot TM Adare 2*M
5 years old
2001   Nine months fresh