Fox Trot MFA Mallory *M
                                American Saanen
                                May 2, 2001

                               1-11 190 2079 3.4%BF
                                3-04 FS89 VEEE  "E" head,                                                          fore udder 42, rear udder height 46,                                                                                                  arch 43
                                   2-02 FS89 VEEE
                                   1-00 FS87 +VVE
                                  2003- 1-RGCH, 2-1st, 1-2nd
                                  2004- 1-GCH, 2-RGCH, 3-1st

Sire: "Alkatraz""click" for pedigree
Dam: "Mercy" "click" for Pedigree

Mallory  has loads of milk and a very fancy show udder.  Her mammary shape is "ideal". She has very nice general appearance except for her topline which I consider an eyesore. She has a nice shaped rump but it is quite steep.  So far all of her offspring have have nice level toplines.
I have continued to milked Mallory this winter and have been pleased to get a gallon daily with only once a day milking. 
MALLORY has been sold her daughter MONOCHROME continues the line in our herd