GCH  Fox  Trot  TKA  Anacin  3*M
Purebred French Alpine
Born 2 / 11 / 1994

Linear Appraisal -
    7-02  FS90 VEEE   
    6-05  FS90 VEVE (after foundering)
    4-04  FS91 EEEE
    3-03  FS90 VEEE
    2-04  FS88 VVVE
    1-04  FS85 +VVV

DHIR 3-00 267 2669 3.4%BF
  Anacin has been a joy in our life.  She has been a blast to show, where her superb general appearance and welded on udder have always put her at the top of the class as well as many times "Best in Show".  She has given us several nice daughters as well as a Champion Son, Issac.   He has sired many outstanding show stoppers in Karen Smith's "Lady K" herd as well as other herds in the region.
  Anacin foundered several years ago when I was bunk feeding and did not realize that she was taking far more than her share.   Since that incidence she has experienced tenderness on her inside front toes and no longer walks as fluidly as she once did. 
Anacin died at age 13.

                        +B Hill N Holler Vaquero
+*B Milk N Honey VAQ Tonka - 3 GCH daughters
                  GCH Milk N Honey Tina's Tiara 3*M - FS90

                  *B Milk N Honey Timothy - 2 GCH Daughters
Fox Trot Abracadbra 3*M - FS 89 VVEE, 2-GCH Legs
                  Glory Lane Adoration *M - 2 - GCH Legs
8 Years old
4 Years old
2 Years old
6 Years
after foundering
Anacin's Dam - Abracadabra
Anacin's Son
4 years
8 years