Purebred French Alpine

ANNABELLE is an incredibly vigorious and smart doe.  I just love the way this doe will head for the woods or go out to pasture to eat, whether the herd follows or not.  Let's face it, lots of show goats would prefer to lay around the barn, not Annabelle.  She is a compact doe (155#)  she has a wonderful udder that milks out to nothing and she has very correct structure.

                                                                                                                   SSS : WILLOW RUN ELIJAH COMPLIANCE- FS87+EE

                                                              SS : FOX-TROT WRC CHARANGO-FS87VVV

                                                                                                                    SSD : SGCH FOX-TROT KF AURORA 4*M 92VEEE

                               S : FOX-TROT FTC STACKED DECK-88VEV

                                                                                                                    SDS : +*B KICKAPOO-VALLEY CHIME FOXFIRE

                                                              SD : FOX-TROT KF ALLIE CAT 6*M FS91 EEEE

                                                                                                                    SDD : GCH FOX-TROT HM ARIGA 5*M 87VV+E


                                                                                                                   DSS : +*B WILLOW RUN AHREN RHETT-Rishona Son

                                                              DS : SUTTON'S WRR TRITON

                                                                                                                    DSD :SGCH MILK-N-HONEY MAV TAFFY

                              D : THE MAGNUM'S ST JUBILEE

                                                                                                                    DDS : FOX-TROT EPIC JOSHUA

                                                              DD : MERRY-MILKERS DIAMOND DOVE

                                                                                                                    DDD : MERRY-MILKERS CANDIDLY KIRSTIE

Annabelle is a deluxe family milk goat!!
She has teats that are the perfect size and are extremely easy to milk.  Annabelle is very cooperative, she comes when you call her name and jumps onto the milk stand for milking without prompting.  She is very gentle and loving.  She has never had any problems with her health and has her babies easily each year.  She has been tested and is negative for TB, Brucelosis, as well as CAE.   Best of all she is a bountiful milker, easily milking a gallon and a half per day at her peak!