QuAppelle Bravo Titan
            *B QuAppelle Titan Solar Flare-
                                    GCH QuAppelle Supersonic Eclipse 4*M- 4000#milk, LA 92EEE
                                    Milk N Honey Highmark- 4 daus. "E" mammaries, Dam "Passion was Jr. National Champ
              GCH Fox Trot HM Ariga 5*M 3-04 FS87 VV+E, 2 Championship Legs-click to learn more
                                    GCH Fox Trot Arabesque *M -2-05 FS89 VEEE

2/22/03 ARMANI freshened with a buck -chamoisee w/black trim
and a lovely black doe.
Armani placed 2nd & 4th at
her first show of 2003
Fox Trot QSF Armani
French Alpine
2-04 FS86 +VVV
1-02 FS83 ++++
Born March 17, 2001

As a kid, Armani won her class several times and was Reserve Grand Champion Twice. ARMANI had triplet does as a yearling. She has a pretty udder with an  ideal rear udder scoring 45 on Linear Appraisal