Fox Trot WRC Avalon
French Alpine

Born April 4, 2001
2-03 FS89 VEVE
3-05 FS88  +VEE "E" back & rump, fore udder 34, rear udder height 46

Avalon is very tall, and long.  Her neck is so long that you feel like you are leading a llama! She has a lovely mammary system with perfect teat placement & size, and loads of milk.  She has a level, perfectly shaped rump and wonderful set to her fore & rear legs.  She is a bit rough over the shoulder, but she is not loose.

2002- 2-RGCH as a dry yearling
                  *B Willow Run Rico Achievement- Dam                                             "Angela" 2 time National Champion
         *B Willow Run Achieve Chevalier
                   Maple Glen Classic's Chelois 7*M
                   Baa-Moo's Kat Jethro
         Fox Trot KJ Astillbe 6*M-Click for more info
                  Fox Trot HM Ariga 5*M-Click for more info