Permanent   Champions
Below you will find photos of dairy goats that have earned their permanent champion statis by competing in American Dairy Goat Association Official Shows.  These animals were either bred by Fox Trot Farm or earned their Championships while they were owned by us.
Fox Trot Farm Dairy Goats   Fayetteville, Tennessee
GCH Milk N Honey Ichiban Yagi  9 yrs.
GCH Milk N Honey Xanadu  8 yrs(daughter)
Bred by Ron & Linda Lewis
GCH Fox Trot TM A Dare 2*M 3 yrs.
GCH Fox Trot TKA Anacin 3*M
Her son:  
GCH +*B Fox Trot NK Issac
GCH M&M Dairy JD Cessna*M
now owned by Noelle Hawley
Her son:  CH Fox Trot CXN Issac
owned by Barbara Arrant

GCH Fox Trot NK Arabesque 3*M
GCH Fox Trot PC Adell 3*M
now owned by Ray Graves
GCH Fox Trot HM Ariga 4*M
owned by Amber Jordon
GCH Fox Trot Cullioka Sunshine*M
owned by SaraTipton
GCH Sweepstakes Ace Vanda 3*M
Bred by Kathy German
Vanda's Daughter
GCH Sweepstakes Sandman Varsity 4*M
Vanda's daughter
GCH Fox Trot Frisbe 4*M
Vanda's daughter
GCH Fox Trot MA Dos 4*M
owned by Carolyn Sandor
GCH Sweepstakes SM First Class *M
Who will be next???
GCH Fox Trot Cheyenne
owned by Wandra Evans
GCH Fox Trot MUL Dove
GCH Cypress Valley Kyla Candida
CH Little Hope Karma
GCH Fox-Trot WRC Sweet Tea 7*M
Owned by Savannah Jordon