CH Fox Trot MA Dos
American Saanen
Born 3 / 1 / 1998
Linear Appraisal:
             3-02 FS87 +EEV
             2-05 FS88 +EEV
             1-03 FS83 +V++

Dos is Polled

              *B McQuitty Farm Zip Code
  *B McQuitty Farm Austin
           GCH McQuitty Farm Allison - 1996 National Champion
           *B Sweepstakes AH Ace
  GCH Sweepstakes Ace Vanda 3*M - 2-09253 3187 2.7%BF
           Sweepstakes Phillip Vanity 2*M - sire Clovertop Phillip FS90
2000 Show Wins: 3-BOB, 4-GCH, 4-1st, 2-2nd, and 1-3rd
DOS is big barreled and dairy, like her maternal sister, Frisbe.  She has a very tightly attached mammary system..  

2001- Dos freshened with QUADS!!! No problem.  Lots of milk.
There are 2 does and 2 bucks,