GCH Sweepstakes SM First Class *M
American Saanen

Born - 12 / 15 / 1997

Linear Appraisal -
                 5-07 FS91 EEEE
                      4-05 FS89 EEEV
                      2-08 FS87 VVEV
                      1-06 FS85 VV+V

DHIR -  2-02 223 1716 3.6%BF
            In Progress

First Class is a very strong general appearance doe, and a high rating animal in all areas of the scorecard.

                    +*B Rocky Run DP Dynamite
          +*B Rocky Run Dyna's Sandman -FS90, 2 GCH Daughters
                    GCH Rocky Run Sweet Dreams 5*M - National RGCH
                    *B Des-Ruhigestelle Equation
          Sweepstakes Fern
                     Sweepstakes Sandman Fizz - FS87 VVVV