GCH Fox Trot SB Frisbe 4*M
American Saanen
Born  - 1 / 27 / 1996
Linear appraisal:
              1-04 FS85 +VV+
              3-05  FS86 +EE+
      2-01 253 2075 2.7%BF
Frisbe is Polled
               B Rocky Run Dyna's Sandman - FS90,Dam"Sweet Dreams" Nat'l RGCH
        *B Sweepstakes SM Sebastian
                Sweepstakes LS Frisbe 3*M -"E"mamary, Lothario daughter


               *B Sweepstakes AH Ace
          GCH Sweepstakes Ace Vanda3*M -2-09 296 3187 2.9%BF
                Sweepstakes Phillip Vanity - Sire Clovertop Phillip FS90
2000 Show Wins:  1 -1st, 3 -2nd, 1 -3rd
I love Frisbe's elegant carriage and dairy yet powerful body.  Frisbe finished her championship as a yearling at the highly competitive Mid-South Fair.  Unfortunately after a hard kidding as a two year old she foundered slightly and got and infection in her udder that left her uneven.  She has a very strong will to milk and would have had a record near 3000# if I had been on test in 1999.  Frisbe has wonderful feet with lots of heel and tight toes.  Her legs are straight with nice rear leg angulation.
pictured at 2 years old
Frisbe's Dam