We purchased Triton to dip back in the some of the wonderful "Milk N Honey" genetics that were such an important part in the foundation of our herd. (Triton's Dam Taffy is full sister to Milk N Honey MAV Timothy who is behind all of my does)
And of course, what better genetics to bring in along with these than those of the many time National Champion!!!
Triton's offspring are consistantly wide and stylish.

Semen avalible $10 per straw sold in canes only.
Reference Sires:
Purebred French Alpine
                                                                                                       SSS : WILLOW-RUN CAESAR
                                                  SS : WILLOW RUN CAESAR AHREN
                                                                                                        SSD : GCH MAPLE-GLEN CLASSIC'S ARIEL
                             S :*B WILLOW RUN AHREN RHETT
                                                                                                        SDS : ++*B WILLOW-RUN LA ARMAND
                                                  SD : GCH WILLOW RUN ARMAND RISHONA
                                                                                                        SDD : HIDDENVALEY-ACRES RICHELLE
                                                                                                          DSS : ++*B NIXON'S RANCHMAN
                                                  DS : ++*B HILL N HOLLER RM MAVERICK
                                                                                                         DSD : HILL N HOLLER BR. MARGOT
                              D : GCH MILK-N-HONEY MAV TAFFY
                                                                                                        DDS : HILL N HOLLER RM SHOGUN
                                                  DD : GCH MILK-N-HONEY TAKITA'S TREASURE
                                                                                                        DDD : GCH MILK-N-HONEY TINA TAKITA
Compliance LA 3-02 FS87 +EE
His temperment was the sweetest we have ever had in a buck.We love the deep bodies and lovely dairy character of Compliance's daughters.   Their mammary systems are generously attached with very long fore udders.  I sold several bucks out of Compliance that were sucessful show producers in their new homes.
All 3 daughters yearling appraisal scores were 84 & 85 +V+V.
( to see his daughter "click" Copy, Sweet T, Addy)  
His daughters have soft  udders that milk down easily .
Semen avalible $10 per straw sold in canes only.

Triton 6mths.
Many times National Champion "Rishona"
                                                                                                               SSS : SERENDIPITY'S DESIGNER GENES
                                                             SS : HOACH'S LYRIC LANDMARK
                                                                                                               SSD : GCH HOACH'S SRS LYRIC
                             S : WILLOW-RUN LANDMARK ELIJAH
                                                                                                               SDS : KARA KAHL AWESOME
                                                             SD : MAPLE-GLEN EARTH DANCER
                                                                                                               SDD : MAPLE GLEN EMMA
                                                                                                               DSS : QU'APPELLE JOI ACCLAIM
                                                             DS : KARA KAHL AWESOME
                                                                                                               DSD : KARA KAHL BRUISER'S APROPOS
                             D : WILLOW-RUN COURTNEY
                                                                                                               DDS : ABUNDANCE CUATRO PM
                                                             DD : GCH MAPLE GLEN PM'S CARRIE
                                                                                                               DDD : MAPLE GLEN EMMA

French Alpine  March 25, 2002
7-05   FS89 VEE  

Charango has made an impact on
several Nationally known herds since
leaving here.

Pictured at 7 years old.
Thank You PJ Baileys Alpines


                                                                                                     SSS : HOACH'S LYRIC LANDMARK
                                                                      SS :*B  WILLOW-RUN LANDMARK ELIJAH
                                                                                                        SSD : MAPLE-GLEN EARTH DANCER
                        S : *B WILLOW RUN ELIJAH COMPLIANCE
                                                                                                       SDS : KARA KAHL AWESOME
                                                                      SD : WILLOW-RUN COURTNEY 7*M
                                                                                                        SDD : GCH MAPLE GLEN PM'S CARRIE 6*M
                                                                                                        DSS : HOACH'S CALIFORNIA GOLD
                                                                      DS : KICKAPOO-VALLEY CHIME FOXFIRE
                                                                                                        DSD : GCH KICKAPOO-VALLEY GAMBIT CHIME
                        D : FOX-TROT KF AURORA 4*M -92 VEEE
                                                                                                        DDS : +*B MILK-N-HONEY VAQ TONKA
                                                                      DD : GCH FOX-TROT TKA ANACIN
                                                                                                        DDD : FOX-TROT ABRACADABRA

Not only does this guy have his dam's fantastic general appearance, but he has his sire's sweet temperment.  This buck also happens to be my personal favorite alpine color!!  Charango's kids have nice shoulders and lovely rear leg set.  His daughters have gone GCH and Best in Show. Charango's daughter Sassie was a gorgeous milking yearling  and his dry yearling daughter Athenny went Grand champion and Reserve champion in her first 2 shows. We had Charango collected semen available $10 per straw sold in canes only

Deck was my favorite purebred homebred buck.
I wish that I had a few more alpine does just so that I could AI them to this buck!!
Behind him was the style and color of all my favorite alpines. He was sired by Charango (above) and Allie Cat.  His daughters would have the super high and tight udder that was so embedded in his bloodlines.
Sadly he died while on lease at a 2 years of age.
I hope to reintroduce his lines if I ever get more alpines.

Semen avalible $10 per straw sold in canes only.
6 years
1 year