Fox Trot Farm
Fox Trot is a small herd of registered Saanen and a few remaining French Alpine dairy goats located in southern middle Tennessee.  We have been raising and enjoying dairy goats for close to 30 years.  We try to breed for an animal that is hardy, vigorous, and long lived. Our animals have been both competitive in the show ring as well as productive in the milk parlor.  We use goat milk in our home,  make cheese, handcrafted soap, and also raise hogs or calves with any surplus milk. 

For the first half of my goat raising years I concentrated on breeding French Alpines.  Our herd contributed directly to the pedigrees of many Nationally competitive herds, even though we have never exhibited at the ADGA National Show.   I always heard too many horror stories from exhibitors concerning illness and loss after the week long "commuming" of herds.   Taking that risk is just not my cup of tea.

Although I love the beauty of the alpine dairy goat, our herd has shifted to predominately Saanens over the past 5 years. Saanens fight less, and are very efficient in their use of feed and forage.  I found the Saanens milk more persistantly despite the inconsistant milking schedules and feed concentrate levels.  The saanens also did a better job of going out and making use of all of the free forage on our 56 acres.  In short, they suit our lifestyle.

We don't show the goats as frequently as we used to.  After so many summers spent focused on showing it just is not as much fun anymore.   When we do take a few of the goats out we still sometimes bring home Best in Show and Championship awards.  They still have what it takes and if you enjoy showing you will be happy with our stock.

We had been on official DHIR milk test for 7 years.  After over a decade of yearly Linear Appraisal sessions, we now only appraise occasionally. All these years of breeding dairy goats has taught me what is "quality" and the scores are mainly for the buyers benefit.

I have always bred for a nice mammary system.  We cull heavily in order to keep the herd small and we will sometimes sell superior mature does in order to make room for younger animals to prove themselves.  These does are not cheap but often go on to be champion show animals for their new owners. Most of my animals will score excellent in mammary by 2 or 3 years.   My goal would be to have all of my does scoring excellent in general appearance as adults.

We have always ran our farm as organically as possible. We have NEVER used Roundup or chemical fertilizers anywhere on our farm EVER!!!! 
We are careful to never expose our animals to disease.  All does are tested annually for Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis.  All does currently test negative.  All kids are raised on  CAE negative milk.   If ill, they are treated  herbally first, then with drugs only if necessary.  All animals are fed a 16% ration and good hay .  Our goats are encouraged to be very active roaming and browsing over many acres of hills and woods.

Order Information:
If you decide to order a kid from Fox Trot Farm we require a $100 deposit.  Please make a second choice to insure that you get a Fox Trot kid.  The deposit will be refunded or transferred to another kid should a kid of the preordered sex not be born.  Shipping costs are the responsibilities of the buyer.  We prefer NOT to ship by air but if the buyer makes all of the arrangements, kids can be shipped by air from Nashville Airport.  We encourage buyers to visit our farm to pick up their kid.

I do sometimes have milkers, yearlings or bred does for sale throughout the year.   I receive a very large number of requests each year for these goats.  In order to be more fair to those who are serious about wanting a more mature animal from our herd I have begun to take deposits on these animals in the same manner in which we take deposits on kids ($100).  When an animal becomes available the person first in line with a deposit has the option to purchase that goat with the deposit being applied to the purchase price.  Should a client who has applied a deposit for an animal decide they are no longer looking for a goat, all they need to do is notify me and their deposit will be promptly refunded.

Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.

***Please email us if you would like our postal mailing address. 
We received too much junk mail when our mailing address was available online.