GCH Sweepstakes Ace Vanda 3*M
American Saanen

Linear appraisal
3-01 FS87 VEEV
4-01 FS85 VEE+

2-09 296 3187 2.9%BF

                                                                   ++*B Hy Crest Angela's Ace
                                   *B Sweepstakes AH Ace
                                                                   GCH KM Germans SH Hazels Harriet 2*M
                                                                   ++*B Clovertop's Phillip FS90
                                   Sweepstakes Phillip Vanity 3*M
                                                                   Sweepstakes JV Vanessa
We are very pleased to welcome Vanda back into our herd.  Vanda was my first saanen, and proved to be quite a good one with milk records over 3000# and three Grand Champion daughters as well as being a Champion herself.  Vanda was sold a few years ago to Raymond and Marie Wiser at whose farm she produced several lovely daughters in each "litter" of kids (she commonly has 3-5)  When Mr Wiser's health got so that his doctor recommended "slowing down" it was time for the goats to go.  The Wisers felt that I should have Vanda back, and I am deeply grateful.  Vanda is nearly 9 and despite all of the work she has put in she doesn't show any wear.  She is a grand ole gal.